Photo Gallery of LKJPS

Pool dining area before
Pool dining area after
Huge Oil Stain Before
Oil stain cleaned up after
3 lane dw before
3 lane dw after
Algae consumed wall
Completely removed algae
30+ yr old roof- black stains all over
Brightened and brought back to orginal color
Algae & dirt on walls and the roof
Washed & Cleaned
Algae Filled Bricks
Bricks After - Low (Soft) Pressure Wash
Algae Filled Bricks
Red Bricks After - Low (Soft) Pressure Wash
Stone Driveway - Before
Stone Driveway - After
Front Entrance - Algae on base of House, Porch, Walkway and Fascia Trimming - Before
Front Entrance all cleaned up - After
Rust present from AC draining above
Rust Gone
Rust removed from siding - No more HOA complaints
Black stains on roof
No more black stains on roof
Alage on picket Fence - Customer thought about replacing it due to darkened color
Treated and cleaned up looking like a new fence again
Rust and tar on driveway - Algae on porch
Removed rust and tar - Cleaned porch
Severely stained stucco wall
Washed/Cleaned Stucco wall
Outer Limestone Wall Before
Outer Limestone Wall After
Limestone Porch Entrance - Before
Limestone Porch Entrance - After
Long Driveway Before
Long Driveway After
Dirty Sidewalk and Curb Curb Before
Clean Curb - Looks like New Concrete
No gutters on home causing algae to grow on bricks
No Algae on Bricks After
Severe oil stain in Pea rock DW
Severe oil stain in Pea rock DW2
Pea rock DW Before
Pea Rock DW 1st Application
Pea Rock DW Final Application to brighten oil and rust stains
40+ Yr Old (Center portion) DW Before
40+ Yr Old (Center portion) DW After - Cleaned up Rust
Have you Seen One of These Algae Filled Mail Boxes
Algae Cleaned from Mailbox
Reaching New Heights - 4 Story
Cleaned from Ground - 4 Stories
No Lifts or Scaffolding Needed