Mold growing behind your A/C?
Let LKJPS come out and treat these organics. We can kill it and prevent from coming back for a long time.
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Deck & Dock Washing

We wash and clean unstained and stained wood decks and docks.

Carefully removing algae, mildew and mold from the surfaces without damaging the finish or the material.

Fence washing

We treat the fence to wash away the  algae, mildew and mold on both wood and vinyl fences.  Restoring the material to its natural color.   


Surrounding Pool Area Washing

We wash and clean the walkways and patios surrounding the pool.  

Using chemicals that are similar for pool maintenance that will not harm the water in the pool.

Store Fronts

We pressure wash store fronts!

The walls, windows, awnings, walkways, patios and pathways.  Ask about getting this service for your retail or restaraunt business.

Prices start at $875.00

Dumpster Pads

These areas are known to have a lot of debris and sometimes heavy oil or rust stains.  This may become a recurring visit so don’t hesitate to book us on your calendar 

We come out and clean around the dumpster and brighten the concrete.


Apartment Buildings and Interior Hallways

We wash and clean the the exterior walls, siding and structures of an apt building.  We also clean the hallways that may have grease or oil stains present.   Please contact us to set up this service to brighten the look of your bldg so that you may attract more prospective tenants  


We service all of Houston, Texas and surrounding areas.  

Contact us to find out if we provide services for your location.