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We offer care and consideration with high professionalism on your property, which is why... our services are preferred!

Black stains on your roof? Get it washed and cleaned. We wash and clean shingles, tile and metal type roofs.

LKJPS removes unsightly stains on your roof! No more black algae covering the shingles

Getting your roof washed and cleaned can extend the life of the roof.    Don’t wait for it to get damaged any further, contact us by calling or texting to set up the appointment. 

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We wash & clean

residential, commercial & industrial

Quick Snapshots

Black algae all over Bellaire Townhome,
up to the top of chimney!

Softwashed & removed algae
in the bricks!

Green & black algae on full length Driveway

After LKJPS Cleaning - It's like New Driveway

Midtown Commercial Bldg -
Algae all over wall

Softwashed the Hardie Planks
and removed algae

Dirty Driveway Before

Clean Driveway After

Have you been meaning to get to the “Honey Do” list but have not had the time?  Or maybe you just don’t feel like doing it.  No worries.

Contact LKJPS to come out  to wash & clean your home, store, gas station, building, restaurant, warehouse, parking lot, garage floor, play area, patio, deck or other external surface.  We will be happy to help improve the look of your home or business.

Multi level - up to 4 levels

Brick, Wood, Vinyl or Stucco.  Removing algae, mildew, mold, moss, dirt, spider webs and dirt daubers all around the home or business property.  We softwash the surfaces for a bright cleaning!

Concrete Cleaning

We wash and clean all concrete surfaces (Sidewalks, patios, walls, A/C pads, pool areas, parking lots & driveways).  Making the concrete look as if it was just poured.      

Moss on your home or Roof?

We remove sights like these.  Bringing the beautiful look of the bricks back, making your home or business shine!

White Vinyl A

Fence / Wall Cleaning

We wash and clean walls, barriers and fences.  From wood to vinyl.  


This roof was over 30 yrs old with black stains all over

After LKJPS washing & cleaning, it nearly returned back to its original color


LKJ Preferred Services may be your best choice if you want the work to be thorough and handled with care.   We treat you with dignity and respect.  Bringing quality services to your home and even your business location(s).    From Residential to Commercial, we offer the same top notch service across the board.  Please read our “About US” page to learn more.  You can also see what our customers are saying about us in the Reviews page!  

The answer is, absolutely yes!  We offer our same high standards of service to all commercial businesses.  Buildings up to 4 stories, store fronts, stand alone bldgs, banks, restaurants, gas stations, industrial bldgs, warehouses and more. 

In fact it is, if applied by a professional company.  LKJPS offers this type of service on Tile, Metal and Shingle roofs.  High pressure is never used on a roof.  We softwash the roof by applying a mixed solution to break down the living organisms.  We allow time to dwell  for more effectiveness.   This method is recommended by the shingle manufacturer to ensure a longer lasting roof.

Prices start at $185.00 for single/double lane driveways that fit 4 cars or less.  Prices vary based the condition of the driveway.  If there are rust stains, multiple oil stains or other contaminants, there is an additional fee.  More time and applications may be needed.  Therefore, we provide on site estimates for severe cases like these.  Click on the prices and availability button above for more info.

Not exactly.   Since concrete is porous, you may be able to remove a considerable amount but there may still be a shadow of it.  We have commercial grade solutions that can brighten the stain. 

Oil stains and rust stains are not included in the standard driveway price.  Results may vary depending on the age and severity.   We recommend getting your concrete sealed afterwards to prevent more saturation of unwanted stains.

Pricing is based on the square footage of the roof plus the pitch and also how much debris needs to be removed.  

We do not apply reactive solutions to any stained surfaces.  This would remove teh previous staining.   We simply wash with water and a commercial grade soap/surfactant to clean decks and fences.  However, if your goal is to re stain a deck or fence, then we can help remove the old staining and contaminants with chemicals, and of course stain the deck or fence to protect it further.

If you are not ready today or within this week for exterior cleaning services.  You can still make the appointment with us.  Click on the “Pricing and Availability button to schedule it in the next few weeks if needed and/or up to 3 months out if necessary.

Yes we do wash cars, trucks, boats and other vehicles.   Although it is not our primary function we do not exclude it if it is requested.  We also do fleet washing!